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Dale Watson’s Scorpion Tattoo

  Dale was just the feature of an interview on NPR. Melissa Block asked him about his tattoos, specifically about a recent one of a scorpion. She asked him to explain it and he replied, “you know about the scorpion, … Continue reading

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Multispecies at the Airport

A long delay in Chicago allowed me to hang out at the O’Hare Urban Garden. This aeroponic garden—a means of growing plants without soil—features more than 2 dozen towers that stand above water pumps; each one is “home” to 44 … Continue reading

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Species in the New York Times

  One measure of how a multispecies perspective may be catching on is how nonhumans enter into one of our most important social mediums: news coverage. News is principally about humans, and it was central to the emergence of the … Continue reading

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The Person Problem

A harrowing series of stories on NPR have featured the plight of farmworkers operating in grain bins. Over 500 have died of suffocation in silos over the past 40 years, with 2010 being the worst year on record for such accidents. … Continue reading

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